A Message From The Makers

We are two friends and mothers in the Cowichan Valley who value the art of slow, traditional soapmaking. 

In a world that’s ever-evolving and demanding of our time and energy, it can be hard to dedicate moments just for ourselves. 

You deserve time for slowing down and recharging

These moments of calm and connection are essential for refreshing, renewing, and reconnecting within.

That’s why we make natural, nourishing farm-to-body products that make it easier and more pleasurable to immerse yourself in the moment with glorious, earthy scents and richly lathering small batch soaps.

We believe in the potency of thoughtfully made, plant-powered soaps and body care that heighten your senses and help you melt into relaxation and refreshment. 

It’s slow beauty. 

Our homes are nestled in the lush green farmlands of the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. Here, we intentionally craft each soap with the finest natural ingredients, including sustainable shea butter, coconut oil, and aromatherapeutic essential oils.

Every ingredient is sourced with consideration, and where possible, grown right here on our own land. 

Our luxury soap recipe is like no other. We hope you’ll explore our products and see, feel, and sense that for yourself. 

-Lina Neufeld and Makela Paramio